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Difficult Times

Difficult Times

Tough or difficult situations are not there to break you. They are there as strengtheners. We are only able to get the best from these difficult times when we take out the lessons they came to teach

At the moment a lot of people are switching to being fit and eating healthy; when they chose to embark on this journey they usually don’t find it easy. If you’ve ever worked on having a fitness regime you’d understand what I’m saying.

However, as time goes on, they start to get used to the pain that accompanies the exercises and their muscle starts to toughen up and in no time, you start to see appreciative difference.

In case of our minds, we grow tougher and stronger through difficult situations. At such times we are forced to tap inwards to the greatness we ALWAYS had inside of us yet wasn’t tapping into.

If you are going through hardships and people start to say things like ‘why is it only her with the same problem every time’ or ‘why can’t she be patient ‘ or ‘he is always in trouble’; pay NO attention to whatever they say and just move on.

You didn’t write your destiny, neither did they write theirs. The good that comes to them is a blessing and the challenges you face has its blessings.


So, embrace life and do what is right irrespective of who you are or whatever you’re going through.

Verily Help is on its way. Take the learnings and you would be better for it

With Love

The Mind doctor

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