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Hi I’am Aishah Adams

The Mind Doctor

I am Aishah Adams, a mother of 3. My hands tend to have a mind of its own when I am speaking at an event or doing something I am passionate about.

I am a very committed and passionate transformational coach who believes the sky is big enough for us all to fly. I have helped many people grow out of pain to birth their purpose. I have supported many people to grow and live in purpose and I can help you too.

When you sign up for any of my programs or sessions, you get to leverage on opportunities and things around you to grow. You start to see possibilities where you once saw obstacles for at the end, life is really about perspectives.

I am passionate about seeing more women and teenagers live up to their full potential irrespective of how old they are, what challenges they have faced or what the world is willing to make they believe about themselves. I support them on their journey so they are:

Who they want to be

How they would love to be

Where they want to go

We have all been gifted with what we need to help us excel and live in purpose. Sometimes we just need support and help to gain clarity to facilitate action and I am happy to help you via my speaking engagements, my writing and my coaching platforms.

I am your sister and friend

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