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Love Notes
(An Advice to my younger self)

Love Notes is a book that shares reflections on lessons learnt as I move through life. It’s a book that looks at years past and all the things that I wish I had learnt about when I was younger

The book is my way of sharing a glimpse in to past so that someone else gets to live better as a result of reading this piece

Peel The Layers

Peel the Layers is a book on self discovery. Having taught Self discovery to many people over the last 5 years, I decided to share the lessons from those sessions to guide the one seeking reconnection with themselves yo find it through the tools shared in the book.

It accompanies the readers in a laid back way on how to embrace vulnerability and growth with enthusiasm

THE LAST CALL (Deep reflections on Death)

 “Excerpt from the book”

Some years ago, the author Aishah Adams took very ill. There were days she felt like the end was near due to the extremeness of the illness and this inspired the thoughts shared in this book

She coincidentally also lost 2 people dear to her heart shortly after and this led to her final decision to publish the book

The book is full of deep reflections and actionable steps that can inspire and motivate you to live intentionally and impact in the world around you.

It is a must have for anyone who believes in Allaah and longs for the meeting with Him which is sure to come.


At some point in our lives, we will all face pain. Sometimes this pain is debilitating, making us unable to function in our daily lives. And for some, this pain will destroy us, leading us down the path of self-destruction. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I, too, was hit with intense pain. But I didn’t let those difficult times defeat me. I rose above it, and I continue to rise. Using the methods I describe in this book, you too can find the strength to birth purpose out of pain. You too can continue to rise, irrespective of how intense or frequently those obstacles hit you. You have what it takes, so let me show you how to Rise, Irrespective!


In an age where divorce is rife and couples are frustrated and miserable, marital issues can no longer be swept aside. Just as an elephant in a room signifies an obvious problem that isn’t being addressed, Aishah Adams sheds light on marital matters which communities across the world would rather not talk about.

Focusing on the before and after of marriage, The White Elephant provides practical advice that singles should carefully consider before embarking on the marital journey, and supportive guidance once vows have been exchanged. The White Elephant is a motivational book that highlights the obvious we can no longer ignore.

Kindly note that delivery attracts  extra cost for different locations