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Conf-u-dence workshop is a three days workshop where you make your goal turn reality.

Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect at the Conf- u- dence Workshop

1. You will be equipped with the necessary mechanics that would help you embrace your life goals

2. You stand a chance of having imagination boost to think more innovatively and push boundaries;

3. You would be helped to navigate your thoughts through your ARTISTIC SELF EXPRESSION which sails you past negative emotions and thoughts;

4. You get a better Opportunity to explore and express how you feel about topics, perspectives and philosophies;

5. And interestingly, you get a practical lifetime mentorship opportunity from established and seasoned writers like Aishah Adams herself.

I would be your instructor for the Conf-U-dence workshop brought to you by Aishah Adams Primo Limited on the 29th of January.

Kindly fill form below to register.