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The Last Call (Deep reflections on Death)

Hi guys, I am Aishah Adams, thank you for getting here!

I’ve prepared a FREE chapter for those who pre-order my new book.

 “Excerpt from the book”

Some years ago, the author Aishah Adams took very ill. There were days she felt like the end was near due to the extremeness of the illness and this inspired the thoughts shared in this book

She coincidentally also lost 2 people dear to her heart shortly after and this led to her final decision to publish the book

The book is full of deep reflections and actionable steps that can inspire and motivate you to live intentionally and impact in the world around you.

It is a must have for anyone who believes in Allaah and longs for the meeting with Him which is sure to come.

About the Author

Aishah Adams is a passionate trail blazer speaker, writer, coach and all shades of amazingness in one. She has written books for adults and teens. She is also known for her impactful humanitarian work and is always willing to be a part of impactful work that adds value to the lives of People.

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This is an independent publisher of general interest, academic and educational works on Personal development, Islam and Muslims. MayThird seeks to support budding writers and other professionals to gain confidence in speaking their truth and sharing authentic pieces that are transformational.

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As muslims, it is important for us to always remember the ephemerality of this world. The reality might not hit hard until we lose a dear one however, there are other subtle signs around us if we reflect enough.

The author invites you to cultivate the habit of treating your life as a gift, and live it intentionally while preparing for the inevitable last call. Overall, it is a great job well delivered. We don’t see so many books discussing death in such simple but engaging way.

Dr Khadijah ThanniMedical Doctor and Author

In terms of the idea vis a vis correctness of message, the book is okay and I did not come across any errant idea. Rather, it is a free flow message straight from the heart towards a preparation for the departure. It made a good read.

Imam Sulayman Fulani (Haafidhullaah)Imam VGC, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria

The book, The last call is an essential asset every Muslim must possessed. It prepares us for the inevitable journey. Death is the only reality that is certain. Nothing is certain in this life except death. How thoughtless can a human be? He prepares for uncertainties and leaves a certainty unprepared for. It is important we all start preparing for death. It’s a reality that’ll happen to us all. It’s the last call for me and you.

May Allah bless Aishah Adams for putting this timeless book together. It will go a long way in assisting you and I to prepare for the inevitable journey.

Lateefah Adewunmi JumahAuthor and Prolific Writer

Most People tend to run away or avoid the topic of death but I will tell you one thing, thinking and reflecting about death is one of the biggest way to create motivation and determination to live an intentional & amazing life in the pleasure of Allah.

The Author offers us an invaluable gift of inviting us to remember the last call through her beautiful and insightful reflections laced with personal stories that brings  the reader closer to understanding the message of the book.

The book is reflectional, intriguing and just the right nutrition for our soul.

Hamdalah SanniAuthor, Coach, Speaker