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Divorce an Seperation

Divorce an Seperation

I remember reading statistics about divorce one time and it said more than 60% of people who married within the ages of 18-25 were predisposed to getting divorced. At first I thought it was an exaggerration because I was shielded from knowing about divorce or separation until it hit home however it turns out to be true. I am officially a part of the statistics so I should know, right?

The other day, a lady reached out to me to get succour following her divorce and she told me how hard it was with her daughter and she took me back in time to the beginning of my own journey and I thought about something I could do for women navigating the divorce and separation bend and although I haven’t come up with something different, perhaps I would be guided to something that would ease it for them soon.


One of the things women who go through separation struggle with are
1. Low Self Esteem
2. Societal Shaming
3. Family Judgement

Just to mention a few…

If you are freshly divorced or separated and still struggling with this new terrain, I hope this helps.

Reaching out for help is normal. It’s an unstable time. Invest in your healing as the road to success starts with healing and processing the difficult emotions

I am HERE for YOU

Hope to see you live your best life in tranquility

With Love,
Aishah Adams

The Mind Doctor 💛

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