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Introducing help mails

Introducing help mails

On Friday, I co-hosted a Twitter space discussion on What does it mean to be called a man and there were some really interesting conversations around it.

One of the contributors literally spoke up about his frustrations and at that point I knew that more people needed outlets.

One of the beautiful things about HELP MAILS is that it employs 2 patterns to help you experience ease
1. You write/ Type out your thoughts and writing is therapeutic
2. You get to have an outlet for your emotions

3. You get responses that builds you up at the least.

This is NOT a replacement for therapy however it is a SUPPORT service that helps you have an OUTLET for troubling thoughts.

My team and I are excited to launch this and we hope that many people are able to experience some kind of ease.

If this resonates with you then help us spread the word.

We ARE Here for YOU

Hope to see you live your best life in tranquility

With Love
Aishah Adams

The Mind Doctor 💛

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