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It was the year 2007; I was in my final semester and had already had an encounter with this lecturer. The first time she saw me in my Jilbaab, she said and I quote “You have joined them” and I thought, “joined who” however I didn’t say anything to her.

She went from the often smiling lady to being really cold and I understood at that point. When results came out, I understood what she meant.

Because she had a strong hold in the department at the time,I encountered her again and this time she called me out in front of the class. She went on to tell me in front of the class that ” You are not going to pass my course with the way you are dressed” and she went on to fail me.

I remember rushing back to my room after that class and just crying my heart out. One of my room mates saw me crying and kept asking but I could barely respond because I was heartbroken. I had been consistently frustrated since the jilbaab but this boldness of this lecturer was next level.

How was I going to fail a course just because I was wearing a niqab for God’s sake?!

Alhamdulilaah I have graduated afterwards. I had an extra semester for that reason and wasn’t allowed to write any exam until I raised the niqab however rising from that failure gifted to me has assisted me to rise from many more challenges life threw my way. It is one of the reasons why I am so determined to be a trailblazer for we ARE people of Ihsaan (excellence)!

As I always say, God didn’t promise us cloudless skies however He promised ease after the storm. Infact He embedded ease in the storm for those who persevere.

May Our Lord Most High give us the tenacity to push through every hardship.


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The fact that we are not of same faith or belief isn’t justification for anyone to make the life of another a living hell. We can co-exist peacefully despite our differences.

Hope to see you live your best life in tranquility

With Love,

Aishah Adams, The Mind Doctor 💛

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