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Rebuilding After Crisis

Rebuilding After Crisis

Life crisis has away of eating at different parts of us. It challenges us and disrupts the norm.

We thus need to rebuild after going through hard times.

How? What muscles do we start with?

1. Clarity Muscles

Building this muscle would give you a sense of direction. It would help you have renewed sense of purpose and it would push you up towards healing and growth

2. Vulnerability Muscles

This often seems like a hard muscle to build However it is one of the most important muscles as it would carry you through every challenge you’d go through. It is a muscle that forces you to grow emotionally and mentally to build a level of mental resilience that gives you the permission to be courageous no matter what life throws at you.

There are more muscles to grow However start with this two and you will start to experience growth and healing from your challenges

I shared more of this in my book, RISE IRRESPECTIVE and it should be in every house.

Challenges do not come to break us; they come to build us up. It all depends on how we chose to experience the situation so what are you choosing to do with your challenges today?

You have what it takes to Rise so keep pushing; never let go of the dream


Hope to see you live your best life in tranquility

With Love,
Aishah Adams

The Mind Doctor 💛

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